The Pension Policy Research Group (PPRG) is an independent and inter-institutional research group which was set up in 2004 to carry out research on Ireland's public and private pension systems. It is open for membership to individuals pursuing independent research in pension policy and related areas.

Individual members of the group have a wider research agenda relating to comparative pension systems, comparisons of tax arrangements for pensions and their effects on income distribution, financial aspects of pensions, demographic modelling, universal versus targeted pension benefits, and the provision of guarantees by private pension plans.

The PPRG is open for membership to anyone active in research on pensions and pension systems. Individuals may contact us to apply for membership or propose one of their research papers for inclusion in our annual conference and website. Bridget McNally (bridget dot mcnally at M U dot ie) is currently our Secretary, in charge of membership.

Current Research
The PPRG fosters individual research and scholarship by all members of the group and focuses on the following areas:
  • Reform of the public and private pension systems
  • Equity of the pension system
  • Cost and distribution of pensions and pension-related tax reliefs
  • The cost and effectiveness of individual pension accounts
  • Pensioner incomes
  • Gender and pensions
  • Pension communication
  • Demographic projections and the sustainability of the pension system
  • The interaction between the public and private pension systems
  • The effects of increased reliance on private pension provision on income inequality
  • Monitoring pension arrangements of ordinary members and executive directors of companies