Dr. Micheál Collins, University College Dublin
Micheál is Assistant Professor of Social Policy at University College Dublin. He was formerly Senior Economist at the Nevin Economic Research Institute, and prior to that he lectured at Trinity College, Dublin. His research interests and publications are in the areas of income distribution, taxation, economic evaluation, pensions policy and public policy.

Dr. Bridget McNally, Maynooth University
Bridget is a qualified chartered accountant and a member of the Institute of Taxation in Ireland. She is a former Head of Group Tax at Irish Life & Permanent Plc. She joined Maynooth University in 2000. She completed her M.Litt. in 2004 and her PhD in 2011. She lectures in Financial Reporting. Her research interests include pension policy, retirement income provision and on the regulation of accounting.

Dr. Jim Stewart, Trinity Business School
Jim is currently an adjunct professor in Finance in the Trinity Business School. His research interests include pension systems, financing pensions and pensions and capital markets. He has edited several books and published papers on various aspects of pensions systems.